namecheap domain renewal promo code

Namecheap domain renewal promo code:

Namecheap is one the best place to get domain and web hosting for a reasonable amount of money. If you are a new user to Namecheap and you want to get started by getting Namecheap domain renewal promo code to get some discount on your order, read this article. This website is built to assist you in getting web hosting and domain name packages with the best price. You won’t lose any coupons or deals if you keep following this website.  You can get shared hosting package with a years free Whois Guard for a domain name and a free DNS service. It does not end there, because you can still get a discount when placing an order on shared hosting with Namecheap domain renewal promo code. Apart from discounts on shared hosting packages, Namecheap also offers coupons for price reduction for private email service, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, Whois Guard and premium DNS.


How to Redeem a domain renewal promo Code on Namecheap 

You can make use of coupon codes to get discounts on the domain name that you want to purchase or on a wide range of services that are offered on Namecheap. Start by Checking Namecheap subscription app services or collection of domain names. After you have filled your cart with your order, you can access your shopping cart by clicking the ‘view cart’ button on the right or the shopping cart icon at the right part of the page.
The cart page will list all your selected purchases on the website, with a list of suggested services that you can add to the cart. On the right panel, you will see your order’s sub-total with a button to confirm your order. Below this, you will see a box that’s labeled ‘promo code’. Enter your coupon code into this box and apply. This will quickly apply directly to the total purchase by reducing the price of your order. Then you can continue with the checkout procedure. 

Why Choose Namecheap?

Namecheap offers access to all your plugins and applications, website credentials with simple control panel. Everything that is related to a website like databases, email, sub-domains and site backups can be managed effectively and efficiently by Namecheap.  Namecheap offers sleek interface with amazing features that are affordable. You can get web hosting and domain services at a reasonable price. Its security features give its competitors the run for money. As a beginner you can make use of this Namecheap domain renewal promo code, ‘October 2018’ which will enable you to save on regular offers and deals. 

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